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Musictown 2019


Trees by Music Together's 10-piece integrated group, 2pm Wednesday 17th April at Sheriff St Recreation Centre, near Noctor's pub, Dublin

The theme is expressed in two songs, Trasna na dtonnta, a traditional song picturing the image of a fine sunny seascape as an escape from loneliness and separation, and Trees, a newly composed song identifying freedom from internal conflict with forested landscapes. This experience is possible in the centre of Dublin City because of its green spaces and trees in particular

We will be using the newest version of our group of apps enabling physically disabled musicians to compose and perform episodes as part of the composition.

A video combining forest sounds and images of trees will be used as a backdrop in the performance.

By way of a ‘thank you’ to the community for giving us the use of the hall, the performance will be followed by percussion workshop for children of St Laurence’s School.