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Performance 'MAKE IT SHINE'


Thursday 19th April 2018 2.30pm in MusicTown St Andrew's Resource Center, Pearse St Dublin.

An original composition Make It Shine by Andy Smith will unite the talented musicians of Music Together. This performance will use an accessible music sequencer to manipulate images, and at the same time playing improvised solos by moving the body in time.

The composition will be a reggae song inspired by the Dub style of the 1970’s. The spacious rhythmic framework will enable the performers to introduce Afro-Cuban and Northern Brazilian patterns. The lyrics will be in English and delivered in Irish accents. Instrumental passages will be played on acoustic western and ‘ethnic’ instruments.

The 'organic' timbres will be mixed with electronics using the newest multi-platform version of Zeca Munhoz’ sequencer app, which will control video and melodic material. The inputs for the app will be controlled by students with disabilities through switches, a touch screen and a webcam. The webcam will enable a dancer to sequence melodies. The switches will trigger video effects.

Contrasting dynamics will play a vital part, building to strong, joyful beats and melodies and coming down to intimate, meditative episodes. Improvisation will be around the accessible but subtle chord structure of the core song.