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MusicTown 2020 Programme



Music Together at MusicTown 2020

Live Stream on Sunday 20th September at 3pm


This show was put together in February 2020. Then because of the Covid restrictions, it was shelved until MusicTown came up with the idea of streaming the festival in September.

This was an enormous challenge for us at music together as all of us are ‘at risk’ individuals whether because of a disability, chronic medical condition, age or occupation. This meant rehearsals and performance had to be carried out strictly according to social distancing and protective measures.

The theme of the show is Places. The pieces are

Make It Shine (Andy Smith)

A revival of a previously written song we are particularly proud of, which has become our theme song.

Somewhere Only We Know (Tim Rice-Oxley)

This song is a personal favourite of our vocalists and is delivered in this instance by Sean Sheekey

This Music Future (Alan Hurst)

Is a partly improvised piece played by its composer. He uses two switches connected to a sequencer for which he has prepared melodic material and is an app designed for him by Zeca Munhoz who has spent several years designing software and using off the shelf apps to enable musicians with cerebral palsy to perform live.

Places (Andy Smith)

Is a chance for the whole band to take part. The lyrics concern memories and images we all have of places where we have experienced moments of enlightenment, euphoria or simply peace. This will be the song’s first public performance.

Magical World (Deirdre O’Brien)

Is our favourite Deirdre O’Brien song and suits the theme perfectly

Traditional Instrumental

Is introduced by Don MacDonald whose haunting low whistle accompanied by Zeca leading the percussion prepares us for the outstanding part of the show…

Wayfaring Stranger (American Traditional)

A song chosen and performed by Alison O’Donnell, a well-known figure on the Irish and UK folk scene. Don accompanies her on low whistle. Sheis joined by Marion Smith on guitar and vocal harmony.

To Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan)

Alison’s second song is again accompanied by Marion and by Andy Smith on tenor saxophone.

Dublin Can Be Heaven (Leo Maguire)

A happy song about this very place which we can all join in with. Marion Smith is featured on the verses, and Martin Flanagan takes the first chorus.

Performers not already mentioned are

Johnny McGraynor

Wielder of the rainstick and mime artist with hat and cane, Johnny has been with us since the beginning in 2007.

Marian O’Mahony

plays percussion and leads the mime. An actor by trade who has directed a number of short films, she has worked with us on all our MusicTown performances.

Nicola Riley

Also a painter who regularly exhibits, Nicola is a percussionist who is developing as a kit drummer. She is known in County Wicklow as a person of exceptional talent.

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