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"Everyone knows the healing power of music.
It helps you see the world in a new light.
And a few new colours, to boot"

Music Together Ireland was founded in 2006 and has since worked with a number of professional musicians. Most of them have had years of experience working with people with disabilities and most are qualified further education teachers.

Music Together Ireland has access to a great variety of instruments and equipment mostly owned by the group, supplemented by tutors' and helpers personal instruments and loans from other groups.

Zeca's mission: enabling people with a varietyy of disabilities to interact with hardware and software for music production.

"Max is a visual programming language for music and multimedia. It opened up the possibilities in terms of creation and development of tailored patches and applications that enable people with a variety of disabilities to interact with hardware and software for music production.
The MT sequencer is one of the most popular applications designed to bring a hardware/software integration. The first version of MT sequencer is out and is a great tool used by Music Together Ireland in workshops, classes and performances.
Arduino and teensy boards are also used to create hardware which has full compatibility with MT sequencer. Gaming technology and MIDI based hardware and controllers can also be integrated to MT sequencer."

For more information get in touch with Zeca.

Our Students

Creativity is everyones right and everyone has something to contribute.
Excellence is about being the best you can be!
Although we create as a group, we ensure that every individual is heard (and seen). Nevertheless we encourage and feature outstanding talents.

Some of our fantastic helpers in the past years 😍😍😍

LΓ­dia Simoes

Has a hart of pure gold and makes the best bananabread in the whole world

Mr Chico

Always ready to help with anything, a multitasker!

Mrs Helen

Always motivates everybody with humor and kind words.

Mrs Colette

Our cello player, makes our performances even more special!


Wonderfull guitar player but he is pretty good with the drums too!

At the Whale Theatre Greystones 1st July 2017 I

At the Whale Theatre Greystones 1st July 2017 II

The sound of the Aluphone, one of our instruments

Our Song

Music together on RTE's Iwitness 19th of august 2009